April Forecast

March is just flying by. Aries Season came in with a quickness and got things moving again. It feels good! Here comes April with lots of energy as well. Picking up right where March leaves off, the fiery energy we feel from Aries is still in the air and that leads us into April 3rd, when Mercury enters Aries. It will stay here for about three weeks before it enters Taurus later on in the month. 

Mercury in Aries 4/3

What can we expect from Mercury in Taurus? Swift communications and decisions are the theme. It can be great if you are stuck with making a decision. This can be a time to choose a direction and go about your business. Being confident in the decision you made. Caution, read into the details, even if you do not want to. You may not feel like reading the contract, but read the contract anyway. The Fire influence can fade out fast so be aware of balancing your work and rest here too. Mercury in Aries can be a great time to start a new project or endeavor. The energy Aries has with opening new doors and fresh starts. Be aware of opportunities coming up at this time. Overall, not the best time to get information to the masses. Already short attention spans may be shorter. Start that project and stay at it.

Saturn Trine North Node 4/9

This relationship between Saturn and the North Node is a favorable time for opportunities that open up new doors. You may have been working towards a goal and that goal will be accomplished. This only fuels you to continue along on your journey with bigger or better insight and vision for the future. This time can even go on to bring you life-changing success that you may even have not imagined. Favorable time when this occurs on April 9th. Hard work does pay off.

New Moon in Aries 4/11

More of this Aries energy to get us going. The perfect setting for an new idea or project. The Moon moves into Aries on April 11. This is the time to reinvent yourself. Start fresh and new. The New Astrological year started in Aries and now the Moon is here to give us a New Moon to really start again. Forget all that went on yesterday, last week, and last year. We are not crying over that stuff anymore. On the other side of the coin, be patient or walk away because annoyance and a quick mouth is also a theme with Aries hosting the emotional Moon. Be aware of this reaction and to be safe, stay at home and practice self-care. You can never go wrong there. The New Moon can spark that new thing you want to do. Go for it. Action is everything. Aries is here to light the fire in you.

Taurus Takeover

April 14th Venus enters Taurus and just like that, love is in the air. Everything is beautiful and we see the beauty in everything. We are secure, confident, loving and ready to see things through. Devoted Taurus at home with Venus is Heaven on Earth for us. You may want to indulge with shopping, dinners, trips, and luxury items. You will want to treat the ones you love and yourself here. Just make sure to not go overboard. You may regret it in a month. 

April 19th has Mercury and the Sun moving into Taurus. Mercury, the planet of communication, wants reliable information. Only things that can be proven or show a real result will be believed or understood. Not a time to be open minded. You may fight for a stance that you firmly believe in at this time. Easy to debate at this time, so be careful not to argue mindlessly. This can also be a good time to solve problems that require patience to come to a conclusion. Your thinking can slow down and process complex problems and situations. 

The Sun joins Mercury on April 19th moving through the constellation Taurus. This brings in Taurus season and that means indulge and love. The Earth sign Taurus combines the April showers to get the May flowers and we all need flowers right about now. Thinking about the Sun out more, shopping for new Summer clothes and shoes, and bags are just what Taurus season has you wanting to do. Enjoy this time where you can slow down and enjoy the beauty of life. Enjoy the warm mornings and the beautiful sunsets. The Sun stays here for a month, but while it is here, enjoy the finer things, but balance it so that you do not indulge too much. And Love.

We are not done yet. Mars is moving into Taurus on Aril 23rd. You may be a little stubborn here, and not open minded about an important situation. Mars and Taurus are not the best matchup, but what they can do is get you started on a hard project. The determination and drive is there to start hard things that you may have been putting off or weren't sure how to get started. This time can bring that passion to the project you need to get it moving. 

Full Moon in Scorpio 4/26

Full Moon in Scorpio comes along on April 26th. All this Taurus energy and now a Full Moon in Scorpio. Wow! Should be some awesome energy going on. Reflections of yourself. Scorpio is the Transformation sign and this is where you shed your skin. The Full Moon brings light to situations and things out into the open. You may face things that you may not have faced. These things may come up because they are necessary to move into the person you are supposed to become. These things are meant to be addressed. Moon in Scorpio is heavy, intense energy. The water sign plus a Full Moon will have us emotional or dealing with heavy emotions. Cleanse yourself at this Moon to transform in to a better version of yourself. Perfect time to reflect and rebirth. 

Pluto Retrograde 4/27

Pluto going retrograde closes out the Astrology highlights of April. With Spring here, and Aries season ushering in Taurus season, the ending to the month is Pluto going retrograde. This transit will last all the way until October 6th. The Full Moon in transformative Scorpio and now Pluto in retrograde, it can be intense, but a needed change. This is an opportunity to deep dive into ourselves. Check the Natal planets for any transits, because they may have a really intense effect on your life. Pluto is no joke and can hand us some serious stuff. Know that is necessary and you will get through it. Those 5 months can really change the course of your life so be aware and ready. 

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