New Moon in Libra

Welcome to a new post about the upcoming New Moon in Libra on October 6th, 2021. The astrological facts about this phase are interesting and have amazing benefits for your life. Read below to find out more about it!

Did you know that the term "New Moon" comes from the moon being in conjunction with the Sun? This is because at this time, there are no other celestial bodies between Earth and the New Moon. The start of a new 28 day cycle is starting. This will occur on October 6th at 7:05 AM ET/4:05 AM PST. New Moon phases bring about new beginnings and clear the way for a fresh start, but this one is smack dab in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. This can cause communications to get misinterpreted and cause misunderstandings. Also, Mars is conjunct this New Moon as well. This can cause passions to run high and rationale to fall to the wayside. Triggers and revenge can be a theme at this time. Be careful with the situations you find yourself in. If it seems off, leave! Staying home or at a safe place is best for this Moon.

At a new phase of the moon, Libra zodiac sign people feel empowered to put their ideas into action. The New Moon in Libra will come with many benefits to your life including empowerment, balance, peace or harmony. You can also expect to enjoy some time alone for rest and reflection on what you want out of your relationships. It has the power to affect your relationships. Venus rules relationships and Venus rules Libra. This is a wonderful time to get real with yourself about what you really want from a relationship.

The New Moon in Libra is also a great time to gain clarity on how you feel about yourself and your life. Balance and taking time for self-care is a Libra theme here. It's an excellent opportunity for personal growth as well as taking steps towards achieving those goals that matter most to you. The key here is to get real about what you want to happen over the next six months. Six months is when the corresponding Full Moon in Libra will happen. This will bring this cycle to a head. Make sure you have a goal and action plan of what you want to happen in your life over the next six months. Every New Moon should have new actions that you want to start on. The best time to start on your goals is during the waxing time leading into the next Full Moon later this month on October 20th.

Tricky Transits with the New Moon

Let's talk about the other aspects that make this New Moon so unique. Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in a retrograde phase right now. This may have you feeling stagnant or themes from the past may be coming back up now. Also a Mars quincunx Uranus will have you feeling impatient and impulsive. If you feel this way, knowing it is the phase of the Moon and the aspects is reassuring. Just remove yourself from any situations that can have negativity attached to them. Along with the retrogrades, the Mars Uranus aspect can bring about serious themes of destruction and anger. Things could go wrong when you are in situations that can trigger you. The good news is that Pluto goes direct 7 hours after the New Moon occurs. So right after the New Moon, a feeling of renewal will follow. This is a transformative time. Use it wisely! The best thing to do is focus on the better aspects of Libra at this time. Beauty, relationships, love and balance. Here are some things that you can do to stay calm and set intentions for the future. Also, be grateful for the current moments of clarity. 

New Moon in Libra Intentions

  1. How can you balance out your work/life/relationships/personal growth, etc. ? This is a time to focus on what you need from these things to feel balanced and justified in giving yourself to them.
  2. Stay in and relax, light a candle and reflect. Journal with intention of what the next two weeks, two months, and up to six months of actions you want to take to get closer to a dream/goal. This can be personal or business. Candles represent fire and action! Very important and often overlooked. I have been using the Evernote app to jot down my intentions and love it! 
  3. Grab a nice cup of coffee to sip on while you practice that self care. We have the New Moon Blend or The Judge Libra Blend. These are lovely additions to your New Moon ritual.
  4. Keep away from any situations that could put you in danger or harm. This is a rare sky event that has lasting karmic effects. Make sure to stay safe and be aware of the situation. Remove yourself if triggered or angered!
  5. Take a long bath or shower and get a good night's sleep. 
  6. Continue to take action on your intentions in the coming weeks/months. The Moon will cycle back around and you can reflect on what all has happened and continue with new intentions each New Moon cycle!

Thanks so much for your time and I hope you have a lovely New Moon in Libra. Be sure to leave your comments below! Thank you so much for reading my post today and I hope that all your dreams come true!


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