Pisces New Moon

The New Moon on March 13th will land in Pisces. This is really cool because there are several other planets in Pisces. The Sun, Venus, and Neptune join the Moon there. All of these planets aligning in Pisces to help us realize our dreams. Yes, your dreams are born in your mind before they are born for real. This is the start of something special. This is the time to rest, relax, and take notes. Take notes of your dreams while you sleep and your dreams for your life. What do you want to do? 


New Moons are new beginnings, endings and beginnings are the theme here. Pisces closes out the Astro year. The Spring Equinox, Daylight Savings Time, and a Full Moon on the 28th all are coming up. So this New Moon in Pisces is actually closing out the Astro year. Aries is right around the corner and we get a fresh start. It may seem like you are lazy, or unmotivated this weekend, but it is just the energy of the transits all in Pisces. We are not only getting a fresh start, all the planets are moving forward and we have no planets in Retrograde. That ,means that it is full steam ahead on your plans to start that business, side hustle, go on that date, or what ever you have on your horizons. 


You will be more in touch with your romantic and creative sides. You may be more inclined to stay in, order takeout, watch movies on the couch with your honey, and shop online treating yourself. That is exactly what you are supposed to be doing with this sky alignment. Or you may get a jolt of energy to paint or draw if you are a creative. This Moon is all that. Pisces are super intuitive and rule over sleep, so pay attention to your dreams. Your dreams will be vivid and telling of some aspect in your life. Write them down and look into what they mean. This Pisces energy will still be in the background once the Sun and Moon leave. Whatever is going on now will show again within the next 6 months. 


It is ok to let your imagination run wild right now. It is ok to have an emotional release if you need to. You may be taped into your sensitive side and working through things and that is ok. It is needed and you are doing it, so that is where you are supposed to be right now. Candles are great to burn for this New Moon. White, blue or green will work. Write down your dreams and when the Full Moon comes around on the 28th, the intentions are already there. Endings and beginnings are happening now. Make sure you have a plan for the next Astrological year happening at the Full Moon. Let it all go to make room for the New!




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