Pisces Season

Pisces season is coming to an end soon. Not only Pisces season, but the whole zodiac cycle ends on March 20. There is a reason why Pisces season is the last of the zodiac signs. The zodiac cycle of seasons (Aries-Pisces) goes right along with nature’s seasons (Spring-Winter) and the cycles of our lives. Just like fiery Aries represents the beginning of a new cycle and brings us Spring, dreamy Pisces represents the beautiful ending of a cycle of the zodiacs. A little bit of reflecting should be going on here around this time, wrapping up the year, and revelations come to light. Let’s take a deeper dive into this sign and why it’s special.


This mutable water sign is often misunderstood. They incorporate a little bit from all the signs. They are deep thinkers, emotional beings, and face many inner struggles that we may never know looking from the outside. At the same time, Pisces people are very loving and easy to get along with. They will come into your life when you need them. They just know who needs them and when. They feel energies strongly. They may exit your life just as fast, but only because they must help the next person with their struggles. You may encounter the darker side of Pisces with issues of addiction, which actually may just be an escape from their depression. On the higher vibration, Pisces can be very artistic and intuitive. Creative endeavors rule their world. This may be why these signs are so mysterious and intriguing beings. You never know what is going on with them. They are magical people with the gift of intuition and a knowing that most people don’t have. 
Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune rules the 12th house, which represents illusions  and the dissolving of the ego. Solitude, mysticism, and spirituality are big themes here. Neptune or Pisces in your chart can cause you to relax and just be. Rest and relaxation are preparing you for the next season. The Pisces will often live in their own world. Be grateful if you are welcomed into it. They are spiritual, intuitive beings. Art and creative outlets are huge parts of their lives. Not tapping into what they love can really take a toll on them. Balance is key.
Pisces are really loving people, their sign is represented by the fish swimming. The two fish represent the spiritual being and the human you see. Water represents life and Pisces ending the zodiac cycle is why it is really a beautiful ending. They are bringers of change. It brings the opportunity for something new. A new cycle of life. 
This time is a reflection into the past year, winter ending, and a new beginning. The ending of a season usually brings reflection of all that led us here. What dreams will you start planning to achieve? What did you learn over the last year? What did you learn on your spiritual journey and where is it headed? Where do you want to be this time next year? What are you doing to love yourself more? And love each other more? What do you want to learn? What is your passion? 
I hope you have had a beautiful Pisces season and your reflection to the last zodiac cycle has given you insight and a vision for what is to come. We all have some Pisces in us, if you want to tap into the Mystic a little deeper, you can try the Pisces blend coffee, The Mystic here.

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