Second House Astrology

The Second House in Astrology is the House of Money and Possessions. When the planets move through this house, what does it mean? That is what we will discover here in this article. You can learn about the Second House in Astrology here if you missed the article. This will give you an overview before you get into transits. 

Transits in the 2nd House will look different for everyone, but the general themes of these transits will give you an idea of where your life will be effected. Money, self-worth and possessions are big time. We all strive for these things, each for our own reasons, but we hold these things in high regards. Some may need money to feed the business in order to  grow. Some may seek money to support the growing family. Some may just want the next Louis bag. I do not care either way. The point is, you will feel the effects of Second House transit no matter how you feel about money and possessions. 

Note: Aspects in your Natal Chart will have different effects and you should take this and go deeper into your own chart. These are general. 

The Sun: Second House Transits

Starting with the one and only, The Sun. The sun is the epitome of happiness. The Sun wants you to be happy! No different when it is moving through the 2nd house. The focus will obviously be on your finances and possessions. There will be a call to balance. So look to your money situation. Are you paying too little on important things and not enough towards the things that will get you farther in life? The Sun will shine the light on your next move. The next move will be to grow your money. Be aware of this. Investing is a big one here. Either start investing now or pay attention to your current investments. The Sun will get you to paying off debts, selling for profits, or getting you to pay attention. If you are not investing, this is the time. No matter how small, but it is time to start. That is the key. 

The Moon: Second House Transits

The Moon is a minor transit. The Moon moves through the houses every 2-2 1/2 days. When the Moon is moving through the 2nd house, you will be faced with the issues in your daily life. They may be good or they may be challenging. The Moon transit will get you in tune with what needs attention. Particularly when there is a New Moon. These transits are important with finances, self-images, and sense of security. These themes are important at New Moons because they bring new beginnings. You could be going through all kinds of financial or personal issues pertaining to money and finance, but when the Moon transits through the 2nd house, you will be forced to get it together. Face the underlying issues, get a plan together to address these issues and you will overcome them. Be proactive! 

Mercury: Second House Transits

Are you thinking lots more about money, investments, or a big purchase or deal? You may feel the effects of Mercury in the 2nd house. This can come out in more ways than these. Maybe you join a group on social media where you chat about investments. Conversations about money and finances are at the top of your mind. You are focused on getting a budget together or creating an investment plan to grow your money. Money is the focus. 

Mercury can transit for about a month in this house, maybe longer if a retrograde occurs. In this time, getting your money in order is the theme. So if you are getting in over your head, you may need to reach out and start a conversation with a pro. Simple as that. Once Mercury shows where you need to get organized, all you need to do is recognize that and start a plan to fix it. Be vocal and seek help in the area you are having trouble with. 

Venus: Second House Transits

Venus is the planet of love, so it is only fitting that you will indulge on things you love. It can literally be anything. Maybe a dream house or a new car. New furniture or a new coffee mug. The point is if you love something, you may go for it at this time. 

Even if you are watching your money closely and saving, you may even just feel an urge to do a deep, thorough cleaning to your house at this time. A good cleaning and moving around of furniture may just be what was needed to get you back on track. Creating a space that you love is perfect at this time. Venus represents love and all things beautiful. You may have the urges of a new purchase or just a makeover. Either will lead to the same result. Love. 

Mars: Second House Transits

Mars in transit in the second house can have you dealing with a multitude of things. Mars rules war, so be aware of these themes. Fighting about finances, inheritance issues may arise, or you may be up for a promotion going against a colleague. These scenarios will have money in the issue at hand. Money can create problems and they may come to head here, with Mars passing through.

On the other aspect of the 2nd House, your image, can come up. Now is the time to take your health in your hands. This is a perfect time to start a new workout regimen. You are fired up and ready to go! Start now with a new diet or workout plan. The fire energy of Mars is motivating and you will be more likely to stick it out. 

Mars can have you fired up for the gym, but do not get too fired up about purchases. Take your time before anything big. You may have regrets if you do not think about it first. Impulses may occur, but be able to recognize them and walk away to think about it. Revisit it when you have thought it through.

Jupiter: Second House Transits

Jupiter's stay in each House is roughly a year or so. This transit is a little bit longer than the planets up until this point. They will start getting a little bit deeper with their changes in your life. Jupiter means expansion. This aspect can show up like an increase in salary. Maybe a little more confidence in your work is paying off. This can also look like an increase in your self-worth and self confidence. You can get a huge self boost in yourself while Jupiter is hanging out in the 2nd house.

Make sure to balance taking a risk versus making a good decision. This is a time of feeling good and taking risk, yes, but also with expansion can come big dreams. Take your time before making risky choices with money. Risks are good, but too much self confidence and too much risk can lead to not thinking things through. Be smart. Too much spending can bring on too much debt. 

Saturn: Second House Transits

When Saturn is transiting in the Second house you may experience a time of getting it together. You will identify your financial and personal goals and set out with a plan to make it happen. With Saturn, a mirror of sorts, you can get a glimpse of what you need to work on. If finances are not too hot, then you will be hit with that realization and will get serious about the next step. Saturn will show you the areas to work on, but you have to be willing to see them. 

You may also want to start your business or learn a new hobby that can make you extra money. This can be something you have been wanting to do, but couldn't take that next step. Saturn in the 2nd house will help you with that leap. Basically, you will get down to business with this transit. You could come to terms with the past and move forward with your life. New careers or promotions could lead to extra money. This transit is a combo of self-worth and financial potential being discovered. Take that and keep improving and your all around life will improve. 

Uranus: Second House Transits

Uranus screams change! So when it comes to transits in the 2nd house, it will be no different. There could be a big change in your finances. You could get a raise or come into money. You will see a change in your money somewhere. Good or bad. 

These fluctuations can be up or down so beware of any impulses that want you to spend money. This may not be a good choice with Saturn in your 2nd house. Be aware of that impulse and don't do it. 

Neptune: Second House Transits

Money can start to look different when Neptune is making moves in the 2nd house. You may start to have different values regarding money at this time. You could start to resent it and start a simpler lifestyle. You may ignore the fact that money is an exchange of energy that we all can use to our benefit and view it as a bad thing. This planet has us more spiritually inclined and we may see all the bad money causes in the world vs all the good it can bring. 

You could also find yourself experimenting with more ways to make money. You could start that art project or theater audition may be calling your name. Digital art is in demand. Be real with yourself and realize that you can do what you love and still make money doing it. Neptune wants you to be real about your situation with money. If you want to live simple, great, then just be realistic about downsizing. It doesn't have to be sudden or dramatic. It can be gradual. Come up with a plan to do what you love. It just requires action. 

Pluto: Second House Transit

Pluto can literally strip away all that is not meant for you. This can be in money and possessions. Anything not aligning to your highest self, will be gone in some way shape or form. Maybe you are ready to let go of the clutter or sell possessions that no longer align with you. Even if it appears you are losing, you are really becoming more of who you are meant to be. 

This can be a long transit and build over time. On the flipside, if you are in charge of your own finances, you may see an increase in wealth that is meant for you to use to increase your wealth. Pluto can take up to three decades in a house, so when it finally leaves, it will have you in line with what is meant for you. You will be aware of where your life is headed. Finances will be in line with your vision for a better life.

Second House Transits

In conclusion to this journey through the Second House in Astrology, by way of all the planets, you will see that money, possessions, and self-worth are all themes here. Each planet will have a different take on how you and your finances can work better together. When your finances are in order, your self-worth moves right in line with it. Tune into these and you can be clear about money and how it effects you when these transits are at play. 

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