Solar Eclipse-New Moon

June 10, 2021

Incoming, Round 2 of Eclipse Season is here. We have the year's first Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021. For most of us in the United States, the eclipse will coincide with the sunrise. The US will only see a partial eclipse. The best views will be in the Northern and Eastern states. The annular phase will be seen in parts of Russia, Greenland, and northern Canada. These locations will witness the "ring of fire." This is when the moon passes between the sun and Earth. But, unlike during a total solar eclipse, the moon isn't close enough to Earth to block out all of the sun's visible disk. Instead a thin ring of the sun's disk remains visible around the moon's shadow even at the midpoint of the eclipse, hence the nickname. In exactly 6 lunar months, we will have another solar eclipse on December 4, 2021. This will be a total solar eclipse. 

 New Moon and Other Sky Aspects 

Not only is there a solar eclipse on June 10, we also have a New Moon in Gemini occurring at 3:53am Pacific time. This is a continuation of the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse we had just two weeks ago. The themes with these are endings and new beginnings. Gemini is known for its thirst for knowledge and no matter what your sign is, knowledge and information will definitely be important at this time. Also, Mercury, which rules over Gemini, is in retrograde, so play close attention to the information and knowledge you will receive. Things may come up from the past. Mercury Retrograde is known for providing miscommunications and misunderstandings. Be aware of your communication at this time. Think before you speak. This paired with dreamy Neptune being triggered by the eclipse can be overload. You may have so much information that confusion arises. Pay attention to your dreams. Your dreams can actually reveal messages to you at this time. Keep your mental energy safe by just being aware of what is going on. It is a lot to deal with right now. 

If the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse were not enough, there are other interesting aspects in the sky. The Solar eclipse is conjunct Mercury Retrograde and square Neptune. Mercury is also square Neptune and we have Saturn squaring Uranus. Plus Saturn and Mercury are both retrograde. This is some heavy energy. All of these aspects scream past secrets, deception,  miscommunications, renewal and reset of your life, and big changes coming. Let's grab a coffee and get into what all this means. 

Sun Square Neptune

Neptune is dreamy and imaginative and everything opposite of focused productivity. You may feel a little unmotivated right now. Neptune is about inspiration and faith. The Sun is shining a big light on those things, but when the Solar Eclipse comes into play, the faith we had may get shattered with deceptions, secrets, and scandals come out. This aspect can cause your beliefs to be challenged. Even if it appears to be a bad thing, the lesson that you get will be the reward and just what was needed to move on. You will not see the world the same again. Or it may not be personal, but big secrets and lies can be headlines and rock society at this time. Being cautious and aware is half the battle. Big changes may be coming from finding out things that were once hidden. Pay attention to dreams and write down anything you remember. They may hold answers you need. 

Mercury Square Neptune

Mercury is the ruler of communication and Neptune is the ruler of faith and inspiration. Currently imaginations are running wild and we may even be prone to fantasy. It is great to have your imagination going wild, but let's keep it light, poetry, writing, and creative outlets are all great to put this creative aspect to work for you and not get carried away. You may put off any business dealings off until this aspect passes by. Make sure you get all the details from any kind of important agreements. Confusion can arise, so ask for clarity if this happens. Deep dive into the details to gain clarity. Be open minded to receive what you need to know. 

Saturn Square Uranus

Lastly we have the heavy hitter Saturn squaring Uranus. The planet of revolution meets the planet of structure. We are breaking free from the old rules and traditions. The theme here is big changes. I have been saying, with the New Moon, the eclipse, and these other aspects, we are going to get changes! Breakthroughs are coming. All this Mercury energy and communications will bring information that forces us to change. Personal and societal change will be coming. This aspect can cause surprises and tension, but tension that has been gaining ground. Change is coming!! You can feel it. During this time remain open-minded and patient. Be honest with yourself and ask for clarity to be given if you are struggling with a situation. That will bring you to a point to change that is needed. This aspect can bring unexpected changes as well. Things we never saw coming. 

All of these big alignments in the sky may be bringing big changes in your life. With Saturn and Mercury in retrograde a good rule of thumb is to rethink, review and renew all things in your life. If you have been wanting to make a new start or beginning, now would be a time to really review and rethink what is going on so that you may find the renewal in life that you need. Self care matters and knowing what is going on in the Universe is half the battle. Below are some things you can do to help out the situation, stay grounded, and clear headed:

  • Geminis and Sagittarius will feel this energy the most
  • All mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) with degrees of 15 to 25 will feel this energy strongly
  • Good time to clean up all emails, papers lying around, and get all things in order
  • Burn candles and ask for clarity in situations that may seem cloudy or you have confusion around
  • Rest and be aware of any dreams. They are important right now.
  • When you have frazzled emotions, reach out to a friend you trust to help calm you 
  • Rest and renewal are big themes here
  • Change is the only inevitable! Embrace it! 






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