Aries: The Warrior Blend
Aries: The Warrior Blend - Zodiac Girl Coffee Company
Aries: The Warrior Blend - Zodiac Girl Coffee Company
Aries: The Warrior Blend
Aries: The Warrior Blend - Zodiac Girl Coffee Company
Aries: The Warrior Blend - Zodiac Girl Coffee Company

Aries: The Warrior Blend

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Aries Zodiac Girl Coffee 

Characteristics of The Warrior Blend: 

Very Complex flavors

Medium-Dark Roast

Bright full flavor 

African Blend-coffees from Rwanda and Uganda

100% Arabica Coffee

Grown between elevations of 5,000-6,000 feet

Hints of toffee, caramel, chocolate, raisins, green apples and cherries all embody this blend.

Coffee in this area uses environmentally safe wash processes, often by hand. 

Aries and why it's a Match:

Aries are so strong and confident, just like The Warrior Blend. We had to provide a strong coffee to get you going! 

Complex just like the coffee blend, Aries have many aspects of their personalities. 

Aries are innovators, dynamic, and ambitious 

Aries and The Warrior blend are both complex and wonderful. You will appreciate them the more you have them around.

Aries Facts:

Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19

Symbol: The Ram

Mode: Cardinal

Element:  Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

House: First

Mantra: I Am

Body Part: The Head

Colors: Red & Mustard

Tarot Card: The Emperor

How it is Delivered:

  • Comes in a 12 oz. black stand up bag with degassing valve to ensure freshness!
  • Roast fresh to order
  • Get whole bean or choose from several grind options


Grind Type Guide

These days coffee shops are on every corner, but still, many people choose to make their morning coffee at home. It saves money and you can make it just the way you like it.  There are different types of grinds that go with the different types of coffee makers. I will go over all of the grinds we offer. 

French Press Grind

First off we have your French Press. This process of brewing is an immersion. The grinds are immersed in the water together to extract that yummy goodness. A French Press is easy and makes a delicious cup of coffee. The grinds are coarse. The beans should be ground in a burr grinder versus the blade grinder. When using a French Press, you will just need water, coffee, and the press. You measure out the grounds: 2 Tablespoons of coffee to 8 ounces water. Boil the water. Add the grounds and water into the press and let the coffee steep. After about 4 minutes is up, press down on the top of the press. Press slowly. It will separate the grinds and you are now ready to pour and drink. 
The French Press Grind is perfect for making Cold Brews too. You just need some water, a mason jar, and time to get this Cold Brew creation to come to life. Pick any coffee in this grind to try out a cold brew. Once you have your base, add milk or water to dilute and enjoy the rush! You can also use the Percolator Grind for Cold brew as well. It is a little bit more coarse. You can play around with the grind to see which suits you best. 

Drip Grind 

Next up, the drip machines. This is the Bunn or the Mr. Coffee pot, or the ever so popular pour over coffee. We call this the Drip Grind. This is the most widely used grind. If you use the trusty ole "coffee pot" then this is a process of running the water through the coffee grounds to create the magic we call coffee. Great for reusable K-Cups or a Cheney. The drip grind is medium-fine grind. This grind is a little finer than the coffee at the grocery store. Also this grind can be used in a Siphon coffee machine.

Espresso Grind

 Espresso grind is exactly that. It should be used for the Espresso machine and also the Moka pot method. If you have an espresso machine at home, this is what you want to use. These grinds are fine in texture. Espresso is a delicate process. If this is your choice of coffee, you can perfect your method how you choose.

Turkish Grind 

Turkish may be your method of brewing. This is a very delicious way to take your morning coffee. You will need your favorite Ibrik, 3 oz of water, a spoon of sugar and a stove. Once you add these together, let it foam up 3 times and it is ready to pour. This grind is very fine, almost a powder. Beautiful brewing method and is the oldest to date. We use stoves now versus the hot sand to heat the coffee. 
We always suggest that you order whole bean, but if you cannot, we will grind it just like you want. Just one more personal touch.  Whichever option you choose, it is all coffee and we approve!    

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