House of Self 

The Natal Chart can be an excellent tool to use to help you on your life journey. If you have no idea what to do with it once you have it, you are just like everyone else. There is lots of info in that circle. So much info and it changes daily. I will start off with a breakdown of each Zodiac house and it's purpose. You can then take that and apply it to the Zodiac sign in your first house.

The first house in astrology is often referred to as the House of Self. The first house is the beginning of your life. The zodiac sign in your first house will be whatever sign's constellation was ascending on the eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth. We often refer to this as the Ascendant Sign or Rising Sign. It is apart of your big three. Sun, Moon, and Rising. 

Let's get a little more in depth about the first House. It is pretty deep. The first house rules early childhood. It is where you get your appearance, personality and physical attributes from. It is how you are perceived by others and what you feel about yourself. This sign is about the journey you take in life. If you have any transits out of the first house, they will strongly effect you. Any astrological events that take place inside this house can actually change one's concept of identity. 

I will point out that Aries is the zodiac ruler of the first house and Mars is the ruling planet. They are always in the background. They naturally rule this house. When you were born, you created your own Zodiac wheel unique to your life. This house can be a teller of how your life started. We will have to get into transits to understand the significance of your placements in the first house. Everyone's will be different. Some could have more profound first house action than others. 

This is just an example of how getting your natal chart and starting to understand it is the perfect growth opportunity. You can find out about your childhood and how it effected you up until this point. There is healing that comes along with this. Find out what your natal chart has as your Ascendant/ Rising sign and start looking at that vs your early childhood and how people perceive you. It is best to consult with someone that can provide you with a full report or reading, especially if you want to go deeper into these aspects. 

The Breakdown on the First House of Astrology

  • Aries is the Zodiac ruler of this house
  • Mars is the Ruling planet
  • Your sign is the Zodiac sign of the constellation in the sky when you were born
  • Rules Early Childhood 
  • Explains how you depict yourself
  • Beginning of your journey in life

You can apply your sign to the self and reflect on any thoughts that come up when exploring these subjects. If you use tarot, in readings The Tower card and The Emperor can both be associated with the first house, Aries, and Mars.








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