First House Transits

Transits in Astrology are so very important. They are used to forecast future happenings, events, and trends. Transits actually refer to the ongoing movement of the planets, in contrast to their placements in your Natal Chart. On the app Astro Future, you can see the transits daily to try to get a better understanding. It will join your Natal Chart with the transits of the day, and let you see what is going on with the planets daily. You will see how different movements in the sky effect you.

Planets transiting in the First House can have a profound influence in your life. Some can be more painful than others. Some can cause growth at a rapid speed. At some point we will all go through a transformative First House transits. I will go over the first 5 planets today and what it means when they are passing through the 1st House.

The planets are moving daily, so this varies as to the level of change. No matter what, they will have some effect on you. Learning these things will prepare you for the changes. I promise, changes go way smoother seeing the change and being ready for it, versus trying to go through life blindly. Once you see the daily effects the stars have on us, the les chaotic your life becomes. Each planet brings a different take on You! Remember, the 1st House is the House of Self. 

The Sun: First House Transit 

When the Sun shows up in your First House, it is reminding you to challenge yourself. This is a time to move past your "limits." You will need to step up and remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. The Sun is basically shining down on you, so you will need to bring your best self to the light when that comes through your First House. 

The Moon: First House Transit

The Moon changes every 2.5 days. This makes it a minor transit. This being said, there are some Moon transits very noteworthy. Notice when your Moon sign falls into your First House of your chart. Especially when there is a New Moon at the time. That is a magical time to start new projects or set intentions for the future. Setting yourself on schedule with the Moon is a total life hack. I will talk about that another time more in depth. 

Mercury: First House Transit

Mercury is a fast moving planet and will make it through the chart with a quickness. Mercury rules communication, the mind, thoughts, and perception. When it is moving through the First House, you will be extra talkative about yourself or your current endeavors in life. You will come to realize what you want in life and plan it out. And talk about the future plans too. You will want to self-improve and discuss this too. Mercury is a planet to get you moving and speaking it into existence. Reading can help your nervous energy at this time. 

Venus: First House Transit

Venus is all about the love and  beauty in life. When Venus makes moves through the First House, you are being called upon to take extra good care of yourself. Massage, extra rest, facials, pedi-manis, the works. Self-love is the best love! Venus is in the First House to remind you of that. Being in love with the process and love yourself are the keys to the Venus transit in the First House. 

Mars: First House Transit

Mars is known for its fiery energy. Mars rules the First House anyway, so when it is here, you could get really motivated to start or finish a project or be a little impulsive. Mars energy has a little conflict to go along with it as well. This usually shows up as people starting conflicts with you or picking on you. This planet may show up at your door with a pile of conflict. Mars is actually just trying to get you to stand up for yourself. All conflict is not bad. If you are feeling angrier than normal, it may just be Mars trying to give you that nudge to take your power back. When this occurs, please stand up for yourself. It is very empowering. 

These first 5 planets are faster moving planets that do effect us, but next I will talk about the slower moving planets. The last ones I will go into more in depth. They have a stronger meaning in the First House due to the fact that they don’t come around often, so when they do, it is to induce a change in yourself. 









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