2022 Moon Cycle Dates

Happy New Year! It is 2022, which means a new set of moon cycles! Here is a compilation of all the New Moon and Full Moon dates for the year. New Moons are for new beginnings and the Full Moons are for seeing the work come to fruition. The times are all in Central Time.

New Moons 2022            

January 2, Sunday 12:35p                    

January 31, Monday 11:49p

March 2, Wednesday 11:38a

April 1, Friday 1:27a

April 30, Saturday 3:30p

May 30, Monday 6:32a

June 28, Tuesday 9:53p

July 28, Thursday 12:55p

August 27, Saturday 3:16a

September 25, Sunday 4:54p

October 25, Tuesday 5:48a

November 23, Wednesday 4:57p

December 23, Friday 4:17a

Full Moon2022

January 17, Monday 5:51p

February 16, Wednesday 10:59a

March 18, Friday 2:20a

April 16, Saturday 1:57p

May 15, Sunday 11:15p

June 14, Tuesday 6:52a

July 13, Wednesday 1:38p

August 11, Thursday 8:36p

September 10, Saturday 4:58a

October 9, Sunday 3:54p

November 8, Tuesday 5:02a

December 7, Wednesday 10:09p



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