Why Your Natal Chart is the Key

People are always looking for a key to success. This is one that most would not consider, but should. The Natal Chart. Aka, Birth Chart. So what  is a Natal Chart and why is it the key to your success? The natal chart explains you, to you. It is a map of the exact moment you were born. The chart is a snapshot of each planets’ location when you came into the world. Those ties to the universe affect your path in life.
I mentioned before, this  chart can also be called a Birth Chart. This chart gives you a map of the Universe when you were born. This is what makes you unique, gives you some of your characteristics, and explains those feelings that you may not have ever understood. For instance,  I have Mercury in my 9th house, trine my Saturn, which means I’m obsessed with learning about philosophy, religion, and the occult and want to tell anyone who will listen.  I would not have known that without my natal chart. I just thought I was weird. But it turns out I just have a large thirst for knowledge that will never end! This among other things can be revealed to you. See what you can find out by unearthing your birth chart. 

Here are just a few examples:

  • Your love language
  • Your communication style
  • Why you have certain fears and dreams
  • Your personality   
  • Why you anger easily
  • Why you act certain ways
The natal chart is an illumination of yourself to you, good and bad. You can take those positives and run with them, and take the areas that need work and work on them. This is why you need to find out your natal chart. This applies to everyone! Everyone has things within their personality that need attention. This is the way to start the process. So how do you find this out? First, you will need several specific things:
  • Your birthday
  • Location of where you were born
  • Time of birth
 Once you gather this information, you are ready. Please refer to the Natal Chart here to get your map. If you’d like to get the report, you will be directed to Astro-Charts page to complete that. If you want an in depth look, hire an astrologer to give you a thorough reading. An astrologer will give you all the details and answer questions, or see insights an app or the web will not see. I had a reading that started me on this journey. I learned key things that were not known before I went there. How do you find an astrologer in your area? Easy, just look them up in your area and read reviews. It is that easy. 
 I know that many people are skeptical of this type of thing, but this is where you just move past those thoughts and have your chart read. Most influential people know this information and use it. The key to your success really is finding out what wonderful qualities you have, but also finding out the opportunities that need some work.
JP Morgan said it best, millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do!

So many successful people such as Albert Einstein and Theodore Roosevelt used astrology to succeed in their lives and careers. It really is a tool of success!

Once you really know who you are, that’s when your life changes. Astrology is large, complex  topic with many layers. I do feel like this is where to start. You can learn astrology by learning about your chart. The best way to get started is to start. Why wait? The time to start your journey to success is now!!

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