First House Transits

The Slower Moving Planets 

In the first part of First House transits I discussed the first 5 planets and their roles. They were fast moving and not as impactful as these I will discuss today. An in depth look into the planets that take longer to transit and have more of an impact in your life, will help you to see where these impacts have occurred, or will occur in the future. We will go over Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto transiting through the First House. 

Jupiter: First House Transit

Jupiter takes about a year in each House. It takes around 12 years to make the full circle of the Zodiac. When Jupiter is moving through the First House, you will be jovial and generous in your spirit. Themes of Jupiter transits in the First House are drink, eat, and be merry. Jupiter brings positive energy to your life, but boundaries are necessary. Jupiter has "expansive" energy and can lead to an indulgence in the drinking, eating, and being merry. You could possibly expand your weight while Jupiter travels through the First House.

The flip side of this is, you can also find the positive energy to motivate you to get healthy and indulge in the opposite direction. You could be obsessive about getting healthy. You may experience your "glow up" while Jupiter is in the First House.

You can expand your knowledge, confidence, and your consciousness at this time. When this transit is taking place, you must open up to the possibilities of moving past your old ways. Optimism, luck, and hope are what Jupiter is about. When Jupiter is in your First House, you can expect to have those themes challenge you. Your good mood will attract goodness back to you. Your luck is based on the hard work and actions you take pursuing your passion. Rewards will follow. Generosity will come easily and hope for the best of humanity will be the at the forefront. When this transit occurs, be aware of expanding in the right direction and set boundaries so that you do not overindulge in the wrong things. Focus on your come up and you will make it through this transit just fine. 

Saturn: First House Transit

 Saturn is even a little slower. It takes 2-2.5 years to make it through a House when in transit. When Saturn moves into your First House, its sole purpose is to show you exactly who you are. This is so you can change for the better. Saturn illuminates where you must do the work on yourself in order to evolve and mature. You will age during this transit in growth and maturity. 

This transit is a good time to start putting into action, your long term plans. Rigid goal setting and discipline in achieving these goals is the best outcome from a Saturn First House transit. Getting grounded in your life's purpose is the goal in this transit. No matter what happens during this time, at the end of Saturn's travel through the First House, you will be more dependent on yourself and your sense of self will be strong. It may be hard while it is happening, but you will be forever changed. The goal is to evolve from your former self and rise closer to your purpose. Saturn is harsh, but keeps it real. 

Uranus: First House Transit

Wow! Lightening strikes you and you suddenly feel the need to change. You may have Uranus moving through your First House. This transit is a calling to re-invent yourself in some form or fashion. Self-discovery at this time will be extremely important to your growth. If you are an intuitive, your powers could get more intuitive and you could drawn more to the unconventional and eccentric ideals. Uranus is not normal. It screams eccentric, different, and creative. 

You could abruptly align with your calling at this time. You may up and move or switch jobs multiple times. You could start or finish an important relationship in your life. Uranus is going to shake up your world and there is nothing normal about it. During this time, you may be rebellious and defy authority in your jobs or relationships. A change is inevitable, probably sudden and it probably will not make sense to others, but Uranus in the First House is a time to shake up your life and set you on a path for the future. Freedom is the goal of this transit. You will finally find your freedom. 

Neptune: First House Transit 

Neptune can stay in the houses for over a decade. Slow moving means that lessons are being taught with Neptune in the First House. These times can be sensitive, imaginative, and dreamy. You may get wrapped up in helping the wrong people at this time, or get manipulated by someone you trusts. These can be hard times and you may even lose yourself a bit while Neptune transits in the First House. I mentioned Neptune is sensitive and can be a time of loss or sadness. This can be a hard transit and can be a challenging time. You are being made to get back to yourself at the end of it.

Once Neptune moves on, you should be anchored with a strong sense of where you are going because you do not want to go back to where you were. Lessons learned and anchors set will have you moving on successfully after Neptune leaves the First House. Smarter, more clairvoyant, and secure in yourself are the goal of this long transit. You may re-invent yourself during this transit for the better. 

Pluto: First House Transit

Last but not least is Pluto. Pluto can stay in a given house anywhere from 12-32 years. If Pluto moves through your First House, you could go undergo a transformational period in your life. A time for you to come into yourself. Your power will be highlighted during this Pluto transit. Control issues, aggressiveness, money and power are Pluto themes that can have an effect on you when in the First House. You could even be tempted with power and money, but you are supposed to choose your soul when this comes up with Pluto. It can get dark and underworldy with this transit. Be careful and do not let the darker aspects get the best of you. When you choose your soul, you take your power back over everything.

That is the goal of Pluto, to twist you and turn you and try to get you to choose the dark side, but you should come to know yourself so well that you can see the difference and choose the latter. Good will attract good. With that comes healing, empowerment, and truly facing yourself. Pluto is tough, but it can get you to your best self with the proper work on your part. 

No matter what transit is occurring, it can be effected by aspects with the other houses. These are themes that happen when the planets travel through the First House. You can apply it to your chart to see where these occur. If you missed the first article get it here. You can also get your Natal Chart here to get started on getting to know your purpose in this life. It really is the best place to start. 



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