House of Possessions 

The second house in astrology is ruled by Venus and associated with Taurus. It is typically called the House of Money, but it goes deeper than that. There are many facets to money. Money buys your possessions. It buys your car, clothing, jewelry, house, and all the things that fill it up. All the things that are physical in this world are representative of the Second House. Money and possessions can also be linked to your self-worth and self-esteem. Not only can money and possessions be linked to the second house, but also your borrowing of money. This can be beneficial when done right. Done wrong and too often, you can take on the burden of debt. This is why I consider it the House of Possessions vs just money. 


Your relationship with the physical world we live in is astrologically located in the Second House. 
The possessions you own actually just prove to yourself, and to others that you exist in this world. We all want to prove that we are doing well on Earth, and having things is what can confirm this. The 2nd House represents the car, clothing, jewelry, house, and the furnishings that fill it up. These possessions are a status symbol to show others that you have made it. With that comes balance. Too many possessions can bring upon debt. This house represents lending and borrowing too. 
More money and status can be great, but a balance is required. Too much of anything can clutter up the flow of our lives. Too much debt can bring stress and financial problems. Too many furnishings can cause a flow problem in your home. More money, more problems. This motto is true with the Second House. 

Values and Worth 

The majority of people value high status items. For instance, if you drive a Mercedes, people have a preconceived idea that you have money. No matter if you don’t. The car is seen as a status symbol. People will possess these items to boost their self-worth and also seem like they are of value in society. The Second House is a place that can measure your values and worth. Your worth should be based on your morals, personality, and what kind of person you are in general. This is not always the case. Mostly we value things to show others our worth. This can lead to an empty feeling. Our self-esteem and self-worth are often related to money and possessions. To see this for what it is and move past that thought process will save you money and that empty feeling in the long run. When you tie your self worth to possessions, you will always be looking to get more and more. This will throw you out of balance and clutter will occur every time! 

Personal Finances

The Second House can also be teller of personal finance highs or lows. When it’s going well and there is a balance, your financial situation can make your life better. Lots of successful business people have been shown to have good aspects in their Second House. The other side to that is when you have an imbalance of finances. This can make your life harder that it needs to be. Too much borrowing and the buying of possessions can lead to financial hard times. 

In conclusion, what do you value? What do you own? What do you want to own? These questions all represent the 2nd House. Own up to the person you want to be. Some people will never stop having more and more possessions. And that is how they will always be. Some live a minimal lifestyle. Each person is unique in how the Second House has shaped their lives. 

 It is not all about those things, unless that is what you want. You can own little possessions and still be very happy. Some may have other values besides just money, but we are each unique in how we live and tie our values and worth to money and possessions. I will talk about the Second House Planets in Transit next time. These can help you see where you have issues with money or even great financial expansion coming  your way. 



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