Aquarius Takeover 

When February hit, we immediately got Venus in Aquarius, and we asked ourselves how weirder can it get? Well it can definitely get weirder this month. Aquarius is ever so present all through February. This in itself is a call to action. Aquarius energy is a rebellious energy that is fighting the old to create a new and better way. This theme plays out all month. 

Venus stays in Aquarius until the 25th. It will be here for V-day. This combo of Venus and rebellion has us craving a different way of showing love. We may give our partners the independence to be away from us without any issues. That time apart can be spent focusing on yourself and caring for the parts that need attention. This is a way to show love for your partner even if it feels weird. If you are single, this is a great time for self love and self care. Venus in Aquarius will have us out here craving mindful interactions and less shallow situations. Level up the romanticism by really getting to know that special someone. No Netflix and chill during this time. It will be all about deep convos and giving each other space. 

New Moon in Aquarius

Next up we have the New Moon in Aquarius. This will happen on 2/11. This New Moon will always have you look at your life through objective eyes and see where you need to improve. Where can you be innovative with your future? The theme of the New Moon in Aquarius is innovation. Creativity, freedom, goals, and the future are all key words here. This moon will be the peak of Aquarian energy as it will join the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn there. All these planets will be in Aquarius. You can see what house Aquarius is in your chart to see where you, personally, will need to pay attention to. 

The New Moon energy on the 11th will shine a light on what is no longer needed in our lives. It could be a job, a partner, a lifestyle, or anything that no longer serves you in your life. You will know what it is. The key is to let it go. Let it go and get to an understanding of what you want the future to look like. Aquarius is rebellious and creative. With this energy, it is time to move along and create the life you want. Stand up for yourself is the message that I feel for this time. Not only can you let negative things go, but New Moons are the perfect breeding ground for setting intentions to create what you do want!!

Get creative and spend some time with yourself to really define what is important and what needs to go. This is the perfect time to create. Create that book, that course, or start that business. If you paint, or are artistic, create that big project. This will set the stage for the rest of the year. With that many planets in Aquarius, expect something to happen and you need to know exactly what is important and what direction you are headed. Once you have this defined, work on it daily. Water it and it will grow. 

Saturn Squares Uranus 2/17

Now that we have defined our New Moon intentions and have had a week to sit with it, Boom! Here we go on February 17th, Saturn will square Uranus. This will bring up change and it will be controversial and challenging to deal with for many. Old traditions will be challenged at this time. Saturn, represents structures, corporations, organizations and government and will oppose Uranus. This planet represents sudden revelations or new info that will shock. These themes will come up. 

A square in Astrology is a situation that is challenging. This will highlight opportunities that need our attention. When we know, we can grow. Once the highlighted areas have been seen, time and effort will need to go into fixing these areas so it will get better. A new way of doing things will emerge. 

This February occurrence will be strong due to all the other planets hanging out  in Aquarius too. Something will happen that we will have to reform. Whether it is government or money or corporation dominance, this planetary alignment will bring about some change. It may be sudden, but with it will bring about a new way to do things. Be ready.

If you feel restricted or anxious or rebellious, try to stay away from any situations that could provoke those feelings. Take that energy and use it for good. Create! This is such a time of sudden energy, you could create the next big thing when you put that energy to good use. So, in conclusion to Saturn square Uranus:

  • Be ready for a sudden change to old ways of doing things, personally and in the World in general
  • Accept change as it is time to change 
  • Use this energy to create and meditate on the positive insights into your own life
  • Realize that when one door closes, it is because a new one is about to open

With the pandemic and the way the World has been disrupted over the last year, this will be a great time of revelations, in my opinion. Stay true to yourself and you cannot go wrong.

Dreamy Sun in Pisces Coming in Hot

Thank goodness that after all the Aquarian energy and the crazy Saturn square Uranus energy plus all the planets hanging out in Aquarius, the Sun moves on into Pisces. This will have you feeling less restricted than you did a week ago. You will actually be feeling more go with the flow and dreamier than usual. Take some time out for yourself. Take a social media break. Take a little time to cultivate what exactly you want for the future. The theme all February has been create the new! This mystical time in Pisces will have you being more intentional with your needs and boundaries. Dream it and believe it. That is all it takes and the Sun in Pisces will let you enjoy a break from the tension that was. Mercury will also go direct the 20th of February, just a few days after the Sun has moved into Pisces. Any communications you need to make will be easier and better understood by the audience it is intended for. This will only get better moving into March. With better communications and less chance to be misunderstood, now is the perfect time to bring your dreams into action. Dreams + action=magic. Pisces is creating this energy. Make sure to get in tune with it.

Full Moon in Virgo 2/27

Last biggie in February is the Full Moon in Virgo. This is called the Snow Moon. This is the only Full Moon in Virgo in 2021 so it will be felt on a deeper level. News could come out of the blue. Good news or bad news, it is needed to come to the light in order to move along and stay true to ourselves. Virgos are always trying to help others become better, but at this moment, the light needs to be shown on taking care of ourselves. By this time, Venus will be in Pisces. This could be a time of a great meeting of the minds. Whether it be in love or business, the Snow Moon sets the tone for partnerships or collabs to work together on a bigger project. 

The big theme here is to have faith that whatever you are working towards. Even if it is hard to see right now, keep working at it. Faith and having your heart open to receive are the big take aways for the Full Moon in Virgo. Trust your instincts and be consistent and your dreams will happen. 

February has lots of action in the sky and sudden revelations. We may have to accept change in order to level up. Once we level up, the Full Moon at the end of the month will show us where we are headed. Stay grounded, ready to create the life you want, and consistent with your actions to get to that point and you will come out even better that what you went in. 







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