Seasons are Changing

As the Summer comes to an end this month and Fall is ushered in, we first welcome the New Moon in Virgo to start it off right! The New Moon lands in Virgo on September 6th at 8:52 pm EST. New Moons are known to bring in the new, and wipe the slate clean, but this New Moon is really a special one. The aspects that are forming with this moon are what really will bring about the change that you need to move forward with your goals and dreams. The key to this is writing them down. When you do that one act, you solidify your thoughts to become your reality. 

New Moons are the time when you can start fresh. Wipe the slate clean and start over. It is a great time to write your plans down. If you want to start a new job, a new relationship, or a new way of living, the new moon is the time to start over. New moon blessings are very well and alive for this Virgo New Moon. This is true for all the signs. Not only will the seasons change in September, but your life and future plans will as well. Virgo energy is very organized and deliberate. What you choose to focus on now is so important at this time.

Wishes for all things Virgo at this time are at the top of the wish list. Careers, your daily routines, health, success, and even pets are the hot topics when it comes to Virgo. Virgo rules the sixth house, so focusing on these things for your New Moon wishes will result in changes for the better in these parts of life. If you have been wanting to start that health regimen, new job, or get your life organized, now is the time. Let's talk more about why this New Moon is so special. 

Blessings on Blessings on Blessings

These triple blessings are here for you to tap into at this time. When we talk about aspects of this New Moon coming up, you can probably already feel the energy in the air. When the moon lands in Virgo, it will bring upon several positive aspects. The Sun and Moon are working together in Virgo and trine Uranus. Then there is Mars, which trines Pluto. And last but not least, Jupiter trine Venus. All of these aspects are trines, which are all harmonious, easy-going aspects. These aspects are good for all signs and will be felt mostly by people with Earth signs at 14 degrees. Let's take a deeper dive into these aspects and what they mean. 

Pluto trines Mars

Mars sits in Virgo, right along with the Sun and the Moon. Mars has an energy that gets you moving physically and energetically. The trine  with Pluto sets you on a new direction in life. Pluto is known for it's transformational energy and this trine will transform you starting in your everyday life. You will start to take action to transform yourself physically and emotionally. You will let go of things that are associated with your old self. Letting go is easier and you will realize what matters and what your soul calling is. Mars will set you into action to get your money, daily life, and goals on the path for success. Self care and daily routines will be at the forefront of change. Virgo is very practical and these changes will start small and carry into your everyday lives. Over time, it will be a big change to your life. You will take action to change yourself for the better. Plant those seeds and start changing your actions to match your dreams. 

Sun and Moon trine Uranus

Uranus, the planet of surprise trines the Sun and Moon in Virgo. You will more than likely experience a spark of brilliance in the area where you have Virgo in your chart. This aspect has a very healing energy to it. Seed planting is key here. All the ideas that you have that seem great, write them down. You may experience breakthroughs and get inspirations for your future. This seed planting will be felt and seen for months to come. Write your ideas down and follow up on them. This is the aspect where manifestations start. Expect changes or surprises, but they will be there to send you on your future path. Be aware of all that is going on. It is all important at this time. 

Jupiter trines Venus

Jupiter, the planet of expansion is in a harmonious trine with Venus, the planet of love and relationships. This can expand your money, love, and mindset. You may see a change for the better in your relationships, self-care and money situations. Even your support system will be expanded. You can expand your horizons in the love category. New relationships can be forming here, whether that be in work or play. Lots of inspiration for the future ahead. With your new mindset and support, this is a good time for success. Make sure not to over do it. With Jupiter, too much can be a theme as well. Things can be taken too far. Balance is key here. Make sure not to get carried away. 

Changes with the Virgo New Moon

All of this energy screams CHANGES! You are shifting your timeline. You are healing and aware of what needs to change. Not only that, you are taking action to make the changes. Things seem focused and you are clearer on what direction you are going. This is a really good time to manifest what you really want. Just make sure you are ready for what you ask for! 








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I learned all about the new moon! I am new to this stuff, so everything I read is new info to me. Thank you!

Mike Magliaro

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