September 2021 Astrology Highlights

Zodiac Signs in September

As the seasons change, the skies do too. Expect more changes than cooler air this September. Prepare for a much needed wake up call, especially with a New Moon in Virgo on September 6th.  As a collective, we are being given a chance to get it together for real this time, from the Universe. Virgo brings us closer to our best selves, by going within thinking and healing. Virgo season is the perfect time to work towards attaining success. Whatever this means to you in terms of love, life, or career, embrace the present and make way for the new.


Aries’ usual impulsive nature may take a step to the side this month. Your ruling planet of Mars will transition into Libra mid-month, meaning meditation and peace. Your approach may lean towards fair and balanced over competitive. As a result, indecision may be thrown into the mix. Pay attention to nurturing your friendships, relationships, and partnerships. And take some time to reflect on the most important question this month: how can you show up for others?


Like the stubborn bulls, Taurus can be hesitant to the rapid change occurring this season. Virgo's New Moon invites Taurus to step into their best self. Taurus will experience great creativity this New Moon. With your fifth house being illuminated, use this time to enjoy where you are and knowing where you are headed with confidence!  Use your power of knowing to go for it. Whatever that is to you. Taurus, be bold and direct with what you want to gain from the world. 



This new moon, Geminis should take care to use their communication and expression to benefit themselves. Your ruling planet of Mercury is moving over into Libra, so beware of remaining on the fence about ideas. Mediation, on the other hand, this may help you accomplish stronger connections with your friendships by resolving issues and fixing up severed ties. You may be able to thrive in work-life better as well if you examine how others respond to you. 


Lean into your intuition this month, Cancers. This means listening to your emotions, whatever they may be. As a water sign, your ability to feel out people and situations is perhaps your strongest ability. This New Moon in Virgo will allow you to trust your personal power more effectively. You know what you need to do. Make those lists and start checking those important things off. Set positive intentions for how you’d like to show up in this new awakening period you are experiencing. 


Leos should get to know themselves from the outside during this period. You may have the urge to speak your mind first, but tune in within the New Moon in Virgo. This is giving you a chance to think before you speak, and you may be surprised at the resounding results you come across. An excellent way to do this is to take a pen and paper and write out all thoughts that come to mind judgment-free. When you read it over, look for the repetitive thoughts that come across.


Dear Virgo, a new transformative period can be stressful and overwhelming. Mercury is stepping out of your home sign and into Libra. This energy may leave you feeling frustrated with others or drained at the amount of work you’ve been putting in. Trust that the Universe notes all of your efforts. Take care to embrace that change can be a good thing. Try to flock towards sociability. This New Moon will be a great time for Virgos to make plans to get reach their goals, no matter how big they are! 


If you’re a Libra, this is a busy month energetically. The shiny glamour of Libra in Venus will trickle away as your ruling planet moves into Scorpio. Love may become much more introspective and contemplative. Communication, as ruled by Mercury, also enters Libra for the entirety of the month. Communication may be much more flirtatious, and suitors will likely come towards you on a grander scale. Mars also enters Libra on September 14th, allowing you a superpower of relaxing others in your company. 


Love is in your court! Venus enters Scorpio on September 10th, which means your intensity for love will be electrically charged. You might find yourself gravitating towards an intimate lover who will remain fully committed to you. With the Virgo New Moon heading into your 11th house, networking and meeting new people that can turn into friends or more is very strong. Business or pleasure, be on your best behavior to win over the situation at hand. 


Sagittarius should strive to be more in tune with their success. If you haven’t been doing so hot in an area of your life, look how you can improve. With luck on your side, you’ll be able to advance in your work life. Your spirituality and career may be a strong point for you this month as Virgo's determined nature is in full effect. On the night of the New Moon, center yourself with meditation and a cleansing bath. Focus on the goals at hand and make sure to hold yourself accountable for achieving them. Using candles and prayer, be ready to receive your wishes.


Capricorns are analytical and reflective of their lives, which will intensify as the New Moon in Virgo approaches. This sign would do well to clear away anything that no longer serves you, from bad habits to substance usage. You will be ready to face those challenges in your life with strong will.  As September continues, focus on ways to increase your power and become more self-disciplined and master yourself. This is a great time to put in the work to make those changes. 


With Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, expect innovative ideas to start brewing. This may not be time for creation, but simply contemplation. Aquarius’ should observe the connections around them. These can heat up if things are going well, but the opposite is true if not. If tensions are high between your significant other, you could have more trouble. Try to be aware that in any situations that could go bad. Knowing is half the battle. 


Mystical Pisces should tap into their connection to other realms. They can honor their creativity this New Moon in Virgo. This is a time to believe that all your dreams and wishes can come to fruition. Writing is a great way to release these dreams out into the world. Lean into your intuition and relationships to help you along this path. The world is yours. 

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